Sit-ins might Lead to Fuel Shortage in Pakistan; as per Tanker Owners

fuel shortage

The Jamiat Ulema Islam-Fazl sit-ins might lead to a shortage of petrol across the nation, as warned by the All Pakistan Oil Tanker Owners Association.

As per a statement by the association the supply of petrol would be affected if the protests blocked the roads that lead to the various parts of the nation from Karachi.

The JUI-F has blocked various roads and highways throughout the nation as part of their Plan-B of its anti-government protest.

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The oil tanker owner’s association said that it would not be possible for them to provide petrol from the oil depots owing to the blockades. The nation needs at least 20 million litres of petrol per day.

But the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority said that the nation has enough petrol for at least 20 days in case of any emergency situation.

The federal government is to operate a green line bus service for 3 years in the initial years of its operations in Sindh.

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