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Sir Syed Express—Direct Train from Rawalpindi to Karachi

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Sir Syed Express, the newly inaugurated train is a direct train on Rawalpindi to Karachi route, which means that the train has got no other stops.

As per the reports of APP on Thursday, the Ministry of Railways has introduced a non-stop and fast-moving train—Sir Syed Express. The train would operate from Rawalpindi to Karachi for providing ease to the passengers and to earning more profit for the department.

The train would reach its destination in the span of 21 hours via Faisalabad. The economy class ticket of the Sir Syed Express is Rs.2,000, as informed by an official of the Railways Ministry.

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The official also expressed that the government is taking all possible steps for overcoming the losses of Pakistan Railways and for ensuring that comfortable, modern, safe and easy means of travelling is provided to the passengers.

The Sir Syed Express was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday in Rawalpindi.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed—the Minister for Railways said that the ministry has introduced at least 24 trains in the span of the last 9 months.

The minister added that the prices of the tickets for the senior citizens or the ones of 65 years in age have been cut in half, while the people who are above 75 would get 4 free tickets in a year.

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