Singapore’s Ezbuy – The Biggest Online Store has Launched in Pakistan

Singapore's Biggest Online Store

The biggest online store in Singapore ‘Ezbuy’ has launched its operations in Pakistan. Ezbuy will provide Pakistani customers the similar online shopping experience as Aliexpress in China.

Ezbuy online store offers 3 million products compared 1.5 products offered by This will make Ezbuy the biggest online store in Pakistan.

The products offered at Ezbuy will range from clothes, accessories, electronic items, smartphones, to home appliances and much more.

Ezbuy will not offer only local brands, it will offer products from all over the world. If you place an order at the site, the product will be shipped from whichever country it is from. So its different in this way from and is similar to Aliexpress.

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Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Vincent Xue Bin said, “Our main agenda is to provide great value quality products to Pakistanis at their doorstep. We would have three platforms; first, ezbuy cross-border and local products; second, Haute Shop fashion products, while, the third, B2B serves businesses.”

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Adding, “China is manufacturing good quality products at great value rates compared to other countries including Pakistan and we can deliver it to the Pakistani people, schools, universities, hospitals with minimum delivery charges. Our trust with the Pakistani buyers is our main asset.”

Ezbuy has collaborated with Pakistani entrepreneurs led by Kamran Shaukat to deliver their products in the country. Kamran said, “We went live on August 1, 2018, in Pakistan and since the launch, we have gotten an overwhelming response on this website. Having launched ezbuy at the start of August, and Haute Shop 10 days later, our business service vertical is to open shop in October.”

Along with being customers at Ezbuy, Pakistani sellers can also set up an online shop at the site and start selling their products internationally. Presently Ezbuy has operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan. But the products are delivered all over the world including the USA and England.

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