Sindh’s Agriculture Department Asks Federal Govt. to Ban the Import of Tomatoes


Earlier today, the Sindh agriculture department asked the federal government to impose a ban on the import of tomatoes and extra support for the export of onions.

Agriculture Minister Muhammad Ismail Rahu wrote a letter to the federal government saying that this year the province is reaping bumper onion and tomato crops, and the harvesting of crops is in full swing in the province.

As per the reports, the price of tomatoes has severely reduced because of the import of tomatoes and bumper crop production of onions. The letter also read that the farmers are not receiving the proper price of their products and have started protesting.

The farmers staged protests in Mirpurkhas, Judo, Badin, Umerkot, Kunri, Thatta, Golarchi, Hyderabad, Nawabshah, Tando Muhammad Khan, Naukot, Pangrio, and Sujawal from 15th-30th December.

As per the letter, Sindh ranks first in the production of onions and tomatoes in the country.

Back in 2019-2020, onions were cultivated on 57,900 hectares in Sindh, which produced 782,140 metric tons of the vegetable.

This year, onions are being cultivated on 58,200 hectares. The letter stated; as the crop is bumper, hence increased production and higher yield is expected compared to the last year.

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