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Sindhi Teaching A Must in Private Schools


The Sindh Assembly has made it mandatory for all the private schools to teach Sindhi as a subject. This resolution was passed on Wednesday.

As per the details, the legislator of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)—Marui Rashdi presented a private resolution in the house asking the provincial government to take solid steps for the implementation of the prerequisites given in the Form-B of the Sindh Educational Institutions (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2005.

He asked the provincial government to assure that the Sindhi language is taught in all private schools throughout the province.

Education Minister—Sardar Shah while addressing the assembly’s session said that teaching Sindhi was a must in the rules. He added that the private schools especially the e-list schools were not abiding with the rules and said that it was time to make them abide with the rules and regulations.

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The minister said that he would be visiting the schools personally and the ones which are not offering Sindhi to students and breaking other rules their registrations would be annulled.

The minister added that it was a must for all the private schools to include Sindhi in their syllabus and said that they are the slave to the superiority of English and this complex even makes them slow in learning our own languages properly.

Sardar Shah said that teaching in mother language was the best way to teach a child and mentioned that they could be involved in multitasking and could learn many languages after they pass through their primary classes.

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