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Sindh will no more Intensify the Lockdown on Friday

This Thursday, Nasir Shah the Provincial Information Minister said that the lockdown in Sindh will no more be intensified from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm on Friday.

As per his statement, all the mosques will open on Friday, also they will hold the congregational Friday prayer according to the SOPs provided by the government.

The ban on congregational prayers was imposed on 26th March by the Government of Sindh in order to control the spread of the pandemic virus.

However, the lockdown restrictions will be practiced till the 31st of May said the minister.

The supreme court allowed a relaxation in the lockdown only for eid, and up till now, no new notification has been issued by the court so far.

Nasir Shah says that the notification is still valid.

All business activities will be conducted in the specified hours prescribed by the court directives, the minister added.

Business and shops will be allowed to open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Retails outlets and the community markets will remain open from 8 am-5 pm.

Sindh has witnessed an intense lockdown on Fridays from12pm-3pm for the past two months. The aim was to limit the number of people attending Friday prayers.

Also the business activities were restricted from Fridays to Sundays.

The public is allowed to perform congregational Friday prayer according to the SOPs issued by the government.

As per the SOPs all those people aging above fifty, children, and those suffering from flu will not be allowed to enter the mosques. The management has been ordered to remove carpets and lead the prayers on bare ground.

The ground should be cleaned with chlorine water daily. All worshippers will have to bring their own mats to the mosques and also they should perform wuzu from their homes. Face masks are a must for all.

There will be a 6-foot distance between every worshipper. Shaking hands, hugging and discussions after prayers are prohibited.

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