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Sindh to issue ID cards, Visas to Animals

A unique and interesting step is being taken by Sindh Government. The government is making a law through which it will be compulsory for animal owners to make identification cards for their animals. Sindh Livestock Department has prepared this bill.

An institution much like NADRA will be established. Its name will be ‘Sindh Livestock Registration Authority’ (SLRA). This institution will issue identification cards, visas, passports and other official documents for animals.  Every animal will have a unique identification code that will thus be his/her identity.

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Also, a central database would be developed to keep check and balance on sales of animals, their movement, purchase, vaccination, and record of life and death. This will all be done under a computerized system.

Butchers will be trained by SLRA. It will be mandatory to tell SLRA officials if animals are brought to the slaughterhouses. Also, butchers will be obliged to register themselves according to the new law being made.

The nutrition and welfare of animals will be prioritized by the new Sindh authority.

This procedure may sound weird, but such cards have been issued in India to cows and buffaloes as well. In India, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi started this plan to provide a unique 12-digit identification number to the animals. He successfully assigned the number to 88 million cattle in India till 2017.

In Pakistan, Sindh province might soon start this process. It is important that butchers, animal owners are given awareness about this project before it is actually launched. They should know about the whole process before Sindh government implements it. It is strange though, that now animals will have their own identity as well. A step towards betterment or not, time will tell.

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