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Sindh to Form its Own Power Grid Firm

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The government of Sindh has taken the decision to form its own power grid firm under the public-private partnership model, which would be working dedicatedly for the transmission of clean electricity being produced in the nation’s only wind corridor in Thatta-Jhimpir area of the province.

This announcement was made by Ahmed Sheikh—the Sindh Energy Minister while speaking on Wednesday as the chief guest at the opening ceremony of the 17th World Wind Energy Conference 2018. The 3-day conference was organized by the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) with the theme “Re-energizing the Developing World”.

The provincial minister said that the proposed firm would be serving as the basis of the government of Sindh’s energy policy being bought to connect the extensive potential the province had to form clean electricity.

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Sheikh said that the government of Sindh would be forming its own firm in the achievement of the same policy spirit, which has been used previously to establish its own transmission and dispatch firm for transmitting electricity from 100 MWs Nooriabad power plant to Karachi.

He informed that the government of Sindh had reserved sixty thousand acres of land in the province for forming renewable energy projects proving its unresolved commitment for producing electricity making use of alternative resources.

The energy minister was hopeful that the federal government would quickly be giving permissions to the upcoming wind energy projects exactly like the spirit shown by the government of Sindh for promoting renewable energy generation in the country.

The minister said that the Sindh government would soon be introducing a $100 million solar power project with the aid of World Bank as this would be giving an advantage to the residents to off-grid the areas in the rural areas.

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