Sindh Textbook Board Fails to Print and Distribute Textbooks

Sindh Textbook Board

The Sindh Textbook Board (STBB) has remained unsuccessful to print and distribute textbooks after the coronavirus epidemic.

The authorities of the STBB were not active while the educational institutes remained closed because of the pandemic. The government schools have not been offered free textbooks even though its been weeks that the lockdown imposition has been lifted.

As per sources, the private publishers have slashed the printing of the government textbooks by 40 per cent owing to the non-payment of charges.

The schools across the nation would be opening from tomorrow that is the 15th of September. Earlier there had been witnessed a sharp surge in the prices of stationery items and course materials.

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On the other hand, as per the latest, the government of Balochistan has taken the decision of planting 0.4 million olive trees in 2020. This would be boosting the low-water consuming farming in the province.

The sources have shared that 221,000 olive trees would be planted by the Balochistan Agriculture Research Institute and the other left seedlings would be planted by the Agriculture Research and Development Centre of Balochistan under its upcoming low water consuming project.

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