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Sindh Prohibits Private Schools to Sell Overpriced Uniforms and Stationery

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The Sindh Education and Literacy Department has barred the private schools from selling uniforms, notebooks, stationery, and other related items at exorbitant rates.

The Directorate of Inspection and Registration of the Private Institutions—a subordinate department of the Sindh Education department has released a circular for all the private schools throughout the province in this regard. The notification read that the selling of the overpriced course books, uniforms, notebooks and stationery is unlawful.

The circular bars the students and the parents from purchasing these items from schools and asked them to report to them in case any school forces them to do so.

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The circular mentioned that many private schools are selling these items at prices 2 to 4 times higher than the rate at which these products are available in the market which is a criminal act.

This practice was referred to as robbery, by the department. It asked the schools to stop getting into such tactics for making money and gave warning to them of strict legal action in case of non-compliance.

The department instructed the schools to issue a list of the essentials like the course books, notebooks and other objects that are needed to the students instead of gathering the money for themselves.

The notification said that the school owners charge higher than the usual market rates which put an additional burden on the parents.

But the schools can continue printing their logo on their uniforms or notebooks and could sell them at the market price if they want to do so.

The Education Department has formed monitoring, inspection and complaints teams and has told them to act against the schools that break the issued orders.

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