Sindh Police required Rs10 crores for the Election Day – Research Snipers

Sindh Police required Rs10 crores for the Election Day

Following the general elections in the country, the police department has also presented its budget before the provincial government.

The Sindh Police department asked the provincial government to give the department Rs 10 crores for executing its security responsibilities on 25 July the day of general elections in the country.

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As per the police department, the Sindh Police required the money for the food expenditure, maintenance of the police vehicles, hiring of the additional vehicles, and the fuel.

According to the police officials, the Sindh Police departments required 4 crores, 52 lacs and 65 thousand to provide the food to the officers who will perform the duty on the Election Day.

The Sindh Police asked for 1 crore, 85 lacs and 15 thousand for the fuel which will be used in the police’s vehicles on that single day.

The Sindh police need to hire rental cars for the Election Day and for that purpose, the department needs 1 crore, 59 lacs and 73 thousand.

The Police department also needs money for the maintenance of the vehicle which will cost the government 1 crore, 56 lacs and 5 thousand.