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Sindh Police Launched Mobile Workshop for Fixing Broken Cars on Roads

Mobile Workshop

The IG Sindh has inaugurated the Sindh Police Mobile Workshop in Karahi today. This workshop is one of its kind and would assist the ordinary citizens on road to fix their broken cars.

The mobile workshop is very much like the ones seen on Motorway, but these workshops are better equipped and provided.

As per Sindh Police, the mobile workshop is provided with all the needed tools for troubleshooting issues people might face with their respective vehicles when on road. For fixing cars, the police have also brought in professional mechanics who would be on board this workshop most of the time.

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Presently, the service is only launched for the people of Karachi. However, the Sindh police has got the plans of expanding on this program quickly. As per the IG Sindh, the mobile workshop would be introduced in all the districts of the province.

After every 3 months, a mobile workshop would be organized in a different district of the province of Sindh. The mobile workshop would be reachable by anyone on the standard emergency number.

This is for sure a welcoming addition to Karachi. It is hoped that this service would help the people exactly the way it is anticipated to do so in the future.

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