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Sindh Police Gets New Summer Uniforms

Sindh Police

Karachi is already experiencing warm temperatures which are going till 25degrees, although it is the spring season, the temperatures have started soaring. In accordance with the new season, the Sindh Police has taken the decision of introducing new uniforms for the police force.

The Sindh government has given approval to the request of Dr Kaleem—the Sindh IGP for introducing the new uniforms for the police officers throughout the region.

As per the IGP Sindh, the main reason behind the introduction of these new uniforms is to boost the policing process and to bring it as per the international standards. He was of the belief that it would bring a fruitful outcome in displaying the perception of improved policing among citizens. He was also in hopes that the citizens would appreciate and welcome this measure.

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Maqsood Ahmed—the DIGP operations Sindh addressed a gathering where the uniforms were being displayed for the first time. He said that the new uniforms are prepared according to the international standards and after keeping the local weather in mind. He said that the uniforms are made with better quality for giving increased comfort to the officers.

As per the Sindh police, the new uniforms would first be limited to 5units of Sindh Police only. These 5 units are the CIA, Central Police Office, Anti-riots reserve platoons, Forensic Division Sindh and the Traffic police.

The uniforms for the traffic police are half sleeve t-shirt, navy blue pants, and a navy blue p-cap and for the central police, the uniform is a white shirt, navy blue pants, and a navy blue cap.

For the constables the uniform would include dark blue half sleeve-shirt, navy blue p-cap, and navy-blue pants.

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