Sindh Mandates Face Masks and Bans Indoor Weddings

face masks and indoor weddings

Amid the second wave of the coronavirus, the home department of Sindh has released a new order in which it has been mandated to make use of the face masks in public places and in all offices. Alongside that, it has also placed a ban on indoor weddings.

As per the shared details, failure to wear face masks will result in a penalty, the notification said.

The order also banned wedding ceremonies in closed places, adding that only 200 people will be allowed to attend open-air events. “The wedding ceremony must end at 9 pm and buffets will not be permitted. Food may be distributed among the guests in packed boxes,” it read.

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In light of the second wave of the virus, the statement said that work from the home policy must be adopted by all government and private offices and 50 percent of people will work under the domestic work policy.

Business areas and markets will be allowed to operate from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and outdoor dining and home delivery will be allowed until 10pm.

There will be a complete lockdown in the affected areas on Friday and Sunday. However, the necessary services may continue.

Shrines, theatres, seminars, indoor games, and business centers will remain shut.

The order is effective till January 31, 2021.

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