Sindh Limits Taraweeh Prayers Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

taraweeh prayers

Murad Ali Shah, the CM Sindh has announced late Thursday night that the Taraweeh prayers will be limited amid the coronavirus outbreak. The Taraweeh prayers will only be performed by the administration of the mosque.

The CM Sindh, said in a video message that was posted on Twitter that the Friday and Taraweeh prayers be observed at home.

The CM said that he has spoked to President Arif Alvi about the matter and had got his approval for the decision. He also said that such a tough decision is the responsibility of the government and this decision was taken especially keeping in perspective the suggestions of the doctors.

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The provincial chief also made the announcement that a complete lockdown will be put into effect in the province from 12 noon to 3 pm for controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Previously, President Alvi had asked to remind all that there are certain conditions under which the congregational prayers will be permitted in the mosques under the 20-point deal reached between the government and the ulema.

President Alvi tweeted about the responsibilities as agreed upon in the 20-point deal.

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