Sindh Introduces Online Monitoring System to Record Garbage Lifting Activity

garbage lifting activity

The Sindh Solid Waste Management Board has launched an online monitoring system for recording the garbage lifting activity that is conducted at the landfill sites in the provincial capital-Karachi.

As per the available details, the Jam Chakro and Gondpas are the two specified sites of the landfill where the entire garbage of the city is dumped.

The spokesperson of the Sindh Solid Waste Management- Almas Saleem said that the activity of the garbage dumping would be monitored throughout the day from cameras.

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The online monitoring system has been made such to record when the garbage comes in and leaves the landfill locations via the garbage lifting vehicles.

Cameras have been installed; six at the Jam Chakro site and five at the Gondpas. These cameras record garbage transportation.

The board spokesperson said that the step taken is aimed at improving the garbage lifting situation in the city.

The newly appointed Managing Director of the SSWMB-Zubair Ahmed Channa has directed to remove the encroachments near the Garbage Transfer Stations and to keep them appropriately by building boundary walls around them so that the garbage would not spread on the nearby spots and on roads.

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