Sindh Govt. to Restore Heritage Buildings Alongside Karachi’s Burns Road

Burns Road

Earlier today, the government of Sindh has decided to restore the heritage buildings situated on Burns road Karachi which have been painted in bright colors. Also, the government has formed a committee in this regard which is being headed by Manzoor Ahmed director-general Antiquities and Archeology.

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According to the reports, Syed Sardar Shah Sindh Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Antiquities took the notice of the restoration of the buildings. He also instructed the committee to renovate the old frontage of burns road and submit a proper report regarding this matter.

As per Syed Sardar Shah, de-coloring has been started on the buildings and soon all the buildings will be repainted.

Back in December 2020, the Sindh government constituted a committee in order to restore the famous food street of Karachi to clean and redecorate it. The renovation process included; installation of standard-size furniture and signboards, clearing away garbage, ensuring a traffic-free street, and painting the buildings.

Very recently, a notification has been issued by the administration of Karachi according to which no one is allowed to pedestrianize on the food street after 7 pm.

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