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Sindh Govt. to Pay Daily Wage Earners Via Mobile Wallet App

Daily Wage Earners

The government of Sindh has taken the decision that it would be paying the daily wage earners via the mobile wallet app. These daily wage earners have gotten out of work as the coronavirus epidemic has struck the entire world, including Pakistan and has led to the lockdown.

The money would be provided against their CNIC number and the people would be able to get their money by showing their identity cards and phone at the mobile shops.

The government has asked the FIA, NADRA, State Bank and the FBR to help in the verification process as the requests for registration are being submitted.

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People who have made international travelling would be exempted from this payment, except for the ones who travelled for Hajj pilgrimage. The ones who have got Rs.10,000 or more in their bank accounts would also not be eligible for this scheme.

Daily wage workers have been out of their jobs ever since the lockdown has commenced in Sindh. The government has vowed to provide them with ration.

The province of Sindh only has reported 502 known cases of the COVID-19 as of Saturday night. The province has also reported 3 deaths owing to this deadly pathogen.

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