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Sindh Govt. to Lift Ban on the Hiring of College Lecturers

Hiring of College Lecturers

The government of Sindh has taken the decision of lifiting a 10-year ban on the hiring of college lecturers in colleges all across the province.

The Education Department of Sindh has decided to hire 1,500 lecturers of the different subjects in colleges for ending the shortage of teachers.

The College Education Department has taken the decision of lifting the ban on the hiring with the recruitment of 1,500 lecturers of grade-17.

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As per the statictics, more than 98 lecturers both male and female are needed in the subject of Chemistry, 154 are required for Physics, 67 male and 54 female teachers are needed for Mathematics, 144 for Urdu, 86 for Pakistan Studies and 172 for English.

The province of Sindh is experiencing a shortage of more than 2,500 subject teachers in the colleges.

The Balochistan schools are to make the reading of Holy Quran a must. The province lawmakers want it to become a must for the students of the primary schools to read Holy Quran.

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