Sindh Govt to Introduce Biogas Buses in Karachi

biogas buses

The government of Sindh has taken the decision of introducing the biogas buses in Karachi under its “Clean and Green Sindh Program”, as per the officials.

The Asian Development Bank and the United Nations Green Climate Fund are assisting the government to build the Bus Rapid Transit Red Line Project.

Imtiaz Sheikh—the Sindh Minister for Energy said that the Red Line is the first transport project of the world to get funding from the UN Green Climate Fund.

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Back in the month of July, the ADB had given approval to a $235 million loan to help in the development of the bus transit system in Karachi.

As per the statement issued by the ADB, the Karachi Bus Rapid Transit Red Line Project would deliver a 26.6-kilometre corridor and linked facilities providing benefit to as many as 1.5 million people.

The United Nation’s Green Climate Fund loan of $37.2 million and $11.8 million grant would be used to finance the biogas plant and the incremental cost of the transition from diesel bus technology to natural gas hybrid bus technology with the biomethane extracted from the waste of cattle, as per the documents seen by this correspondent.

The federal government has also assured the government of Sindh of its support in the development of the Red Line Project.

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