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Sindh Govt to Establish Second National Park in the Province

It has been decided by the Sindh government that they will establish a national park in the province after 46 years. It would be set up after the first national park was established in 1974 Kirthar National Park.

The Ministry of Climate Change finalized this decision after the proposal for building the park was approved and agreed to sponsor the project.

The second park, to be named Takkar National Park will extend over 17,540 acres of land in Kot Diji taluka, Sukkur district, with topographical features including mountains, plains, and deserts.

The site that is chosen for building the park is rich in biodiversity, inhabited by foxes, jackals, jungle cats, chinkara deer, houbara bustard, falcons, among other animal species along with abounding in vegetation.

Sindh wildlife department (SWD) deputy conservator Adnan Khan said that the site for Takkar National Park was identified the same year when Kirthar National Park was developed near Karachi.

Khan said, “There is no human settlement near the site of the park.”

Adding, “It will also help in boosting the growth of vegetation, and eventually tourism. It is one of the most beautiful sites featuring [natural] landscape [in the province].”

Prof Mastoor Bukhari of Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, said, “It is surrounded by the Rohri hills and Lakhyan Jo Daro, and if preserved, it will attract tourists, as well as researchers.”

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