Sindh Govt. to Deliver Vehicle Number Plates to the Owners Homes

vehicle number plates

The Sindh government on Saturday took the decision of dispatching the vehicles registration number plates to the owners’ homes within the province, as per the reports of local media.

Abdul Haleem Sheikh—the Excise and Taxation Secretary of Sindh government said that more than 17,000 vehicles registration number plates are lying with the department from the past 3 years, however, the citizens are not bothering to receive them.

He said that they have taken the decision of dispatching the number plates to the owners’ home in the province. He further added that the citizens would be charged extra against the service.

He said that many vehicles are operating within the Sindh province under fake registration numbers and the department has identified a group of them in the crackdown operation launched after every 6 months.

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Previously, the Excise Department of Sindh took the decision of introducing new, technologically advanced number plates for the vehicles and motorbikes with Ajrak logos by the year 2020.

The Excise and Taxation Secretary had given orders for the making of such number plates, installed with chips and Ajrak logos, for 300,000 automobiles and motorbikes in the initial phase.

Previously in the month of September, it appeared that 15,000 vehicles of different government organizations and departments were being used without their original registration number plates.

The Excise department has given confirmation that the various departments of the government of Sindh have not yet received the original number plates for the allotted automobiles. Under the Sindh police, 8000 government vehicles do not have the original number plates, as per the report.

The vehicles mostly belong to the senior officers which were being used either via fancy or duplicate number plates.

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