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Sindh Govt. to Ban Plastic Bags from October,1

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Sindh government to ban plastic bags from October,1.

The environment department of Sindh released an official notification to implement a ban on the sale, manufacture, purchase, and use of biodegradable plastic bags present in all sizes.

Legal action would be taken against the ones found violating the law.

Special teams have been made to keep an eye on the markets which are violating the law.  Thus, such markets would be prosecuted.

The provincial environment department is bound to enforce this law against plastic.

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The CM environment, Murtaza Wahab warned to have a strict legal action towards the violators.

He also advised the citizens to use paper bags in order to replace the plastic ones.

Ordinary plastic does not get degraded thus it stays for many years and pollutes the environment for all living things.

A cleanliness campaign got started by the Sindh government; also, they implemented a 90-day ban on littering. Tons of people have been arrested in the city as they were littering even after the imposition of the ban. Hence the ban remained effective.

It takes 400-1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose. So, every single bit of plastic exists in our environment in one form or the other.

For the past twenty years plastic waste has been increasing by 10pc each year and the due to the growth it became life-threatening for every living organism on this planet.

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