Sindh Govt. Sets Rs.17,500 as Minimum Wage

minimum wage

The Sindh government has set the minimum wage of Rs.17,500. Zahid Hussain Khemtio-the Chairman of the Minimum Wages Board (MWB) said that the provincial government has fixed the rate of minimum wage per month for unskilled labour.

As per the available details, he said that under the Sindh Minimum Wages Act 2015 all the commercial and industrial establishments throughout the province were bound to pay the set wages.

The chairman also said that if anyone has got any complaint in this matter, then they should place a call on the provided numbers, which are: 021-99211344 & 0300-3013110.

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He also mentioned that action would be taken against the ones who would be found not complying with the Act. Mr. Zahid also said that the law was effective from the 1st of July, 2019.

On the other hand, as per the latest, the exporters have taken the decision to restart the export of onions keeping in mind the price reductions and the stable market conditions after the arrival of a complete crop of onions from the Sindh province.

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