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Sindh Govt. Restricts Officers from Unauthorized Media Appearances

unauthorized media appearances

The government of Sindh has asked the ministry and department heads to ensure that no official representing them should make any statements in the media indicating the policies of the government without earlier permission from the competent authority, as per the reports of local media.

The provincial services, the coordination department and the provincial services have sent a letter that was issued on Tuesday, to the different departments and the administrative offices throughout the province that discusses the issue with clarity.

As per the letter certain government officers have been seen taking part in the television talk programmes in which they are seen showing their opinion without earlier authorization of the respective competent authority, which is against the rules.

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According to the sources, the provincial government took notice of the issue after it learnt that those government officials were not abiding the instructions that had privately been forwarded to them.

Regarding this, the letter said that attention is called for the Rule-56(I) of the government of Sindh Rules of Business 1986, which mentions that no government servant shall, unless the official is authorized in the matter communicate to the press, officials of the government offices or any private individual, any information taken directly on indirectly from the official record or in the discharge of his official duties.

It concluded that the responsible authority has taken serious notice of this and has asked to restrict all officers and officials from unauthorized appearances before media for making opinions.

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