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Sindh Govt. Releases Wheat Quota for Flour Mills


Earlier today, the government of Sindh started to release the wheat quota for the flour mills after the prices have been set up to Rs.3, 687 per 100 kg by the government.

According to the details, the provincial government released a notification for the prices of wheat. The government although didn’t decrease the rates at which the mills were selling the wheat to the consumers. But the government set up a standard price i.e. Rs.100 per kilogram.

The government officials stated that the mills were not able to get wheat stocks from the go-downs of the government which eventually led to a plea bargain with the NAB (National Accountability Bureau).

Now, the government has started releasing 7,900 tons of wheat to the flour mills from the 16th of October.

Sindh government issued a notification on October 15th according to which the wheat released from the government stocks will be supplied at a price of Rs.3687.50 per 100 kg. The wheat will be supplied to Chakkis and flour mills at the same prices.

As per the notification, no mill will be supplied with more wheat apart from the approved quota.

Back in August, Hari Ram Kishori Lal Sindh Food Minister declared that all those flour mills which are on the government’s list will be provided with wheat stocks on subsidized rates very soon.  

He further added that there are enough reserves of wheat and flour and the millers and flour companies will get those stocks at discounted prices. According to him, as soon as the stocked wheat is dispatched, the traders and consumers will not face any shortage in obtaining it.

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