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Sindh Govt. Proposed a Bill for Animal Rights

For the protection of the rights of animals, the government of Sindh has planned to launch a law for freeing animals from all kind of violent treatments and abuse.

The Sindh Cabinet on the 30th of December 2017, relating this matter, drafted a bill—Sindh Welfare and Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act, 2017—under this bill animals are to be provided absolute rights of proper shelter, enough food, and life in an abuse free environment.

As per the government officials, this law is like a try to encourage and save the welfare of animals. According to the bill, the law would be making a way for the treatment of injured animals, for housing the homeless ones and for providing relief to the mistreated ones.

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As per the proposal’s aims and objectives animals have an absolute right to shelter nourishment and for living in a non-violent environment. The bill mentions that violating these fundamental rights of the animals is like the violence and disrespect of the natural and moral element of the society.

Muhammad Ali Malkani—Livestock and Environment Minister said that the law would make the acts of cruelty like killing, overburdening, beating, mistreating, kicking, torturing, infuriating and terrifying any animal or whatsoever unlawful.

He added other acts that results in causing unrequired sufferings at the end of animals would also be punished including the animal transportation in congested automobiles, admission of poisonous or dangerous chemicals inside the animals’ body without any good reason and the fighting or drawing of animals.

He also said that government is taking this issue rather seriously and would soon pass this bill in the Sindh Assembly, however, a specific date was not mentioned by the livestock minister.

As per the bill, the rule violators would be dealt with punishment depending on the amount of mistreatment done on the animals. At least three months and at most three years’ punishment could be given to this law violators as the draft specifies.

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