Sindh Govt Plans to Redevelop Karachi Fish Harbour as per International Standards

The Sindh government is willing to redevelop the Karachi Fish Harbour (KFH) as per the international standards and is also keen on providing complete assistance to the Karachi Fisheries Harbour Authority (KFHA).

BaqaUllah Unar—the Secretary Livestock and Fisheries of Sindh during his visit to the Karachi Fish Harbour (KFH) informed about the interest of the government of Sindh in developing the Fish Harbour.

Mudassir Iqbal—Managing Director KFHA briefed the secretary and other authorities relating the Karachi Fisheries Harbour Authority and its operations and activities. He informed to Mr Unar that KFHA is undergoing severe financial crises and informed that a summary to the Sindh Chief Minister for the yearly grant to KFHA had already been submitted.

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But, in line with the instructions given by the Chief Minister of Sindh a detailed future plan for making the Karachi Fisheries Harbour Authority independent was being submitted via the Administrative Department.

The Managing Director further told the secretary that an awareness campaign has been launched by the KFHA for maintaining hygienic conditions at the Fish Harbour, and for the removal of the abandoned boats from the channel.

He added that for promoting the campaign banners were showed and pamphlets have been distributed in the specific area.

As per recent reports, it is clearly witnessed that the seafood export to China From Pakistan is thriving both because of low prices and such government policies that assist this trading activity.

Also, the advent of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has given a new boost to the fisheries industry as China is among the biggest importers of seafood from Pakistan.

Keeping the trade situation in mind the Sindh government is right in its consideration of revamping the Karachi Fisheries Harbour Authority as per the international standards.

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