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Sindh Govt Not to Conduct Any Exams This Year for Classes 1 to 12

classes 1 to 12

The government of Sindh has taken the decision of promoting all the students from classes 1 to 12 without conducting any exams, which includes the ones who remained unsuccessful in all the subjects. Saeed Ghani, the provincial education minister said this in a press conference on Sunday.

He also said that the decision was made during the meeting of the steering committee in which it was decided that the students will be promoted, even the ones who failed in more than 40 percent of the subjects by awarding them passing marks.

He also said that no special exams for the improvement or of the failed students of SSC and HSC would be taken this year. He also added that the students who want to improve their subjects would be offered the opportunity to do so in the coming year.

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Saeed Ghani also said that the students of grades 10 and 12 would be given promotion based on the results of their last years’ examinations with an extra 3 percent, whereas the students of classes 9 and 11 would be offered a promotion to the next classes without any marks.

He also said that no schools or colleges, may they be public or private would be permitted to resume their teaching activities from the 1st of June. The ones who would be found violating the orders would be dealt with strictly.

It should be noted that the federal government had made the announcement to close all the educational institutes until the 15th of July and the annulation of the board examinations for the academic year 2019-20.

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