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Sindh Govt. Not in Favour of Restoring Train Services

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Awais Qadir Shah, the Sindh Transport Minister has said that they will not be resuming the train operations for some time and called out Sheikh Rasheed, the Minister for Railways for supporting the idea.

He said during a press conference on Sunday that they cannot allow the passenger trains in Karachi and further added the Sheikh Rasheed care more about the trains than human lives.

The Sindh Transport Minister was of the opinion that the coronavirus cases will increase more rapidly if people were allowed to travel via trains. He said that the COVID-19 cases may surge beyond the 100,000 mark, if the people are permitted to travel through trains on Eid.

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PM Khan is heading a meeting with the senior officials of the government in the federal capital for deciding on the matter.

Sheikh Rasheed on Saturday appealed to the Prime Minister to take some decision about the resumption of the train operations by Monday before it gets too late. He had said that they have already made bookings of more than Rs.2.4 billion and if they would not be permitted to operate they will have to refund the money to the customers.

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