Sindh Govt Intends to Make Nahr-e-Khayam a Visitors Spot – Research Snipers

Sindh Govt Intends to Make Nahr-e-Khayam a Visitors Spot


Murad Ali Shah—the Sindh Chief Minister has taken the decision of developing and beautifying the major locations of the city with the aid and assistance of the private sector.

In the initial phase, the development of Nahr-e-Khayam, the Nala that is in between the Boat Basin and Clifton Road has been decided.

The task has been given to the famous Architect—Shahid Abdullah and the team consisting of Jameel Yousif and Shahzad Raoi who attended the meeting as special meeting invitees.

The others in the meeting were the Principal Secretary CM—Sajid Jamal Abro, Minister local government—Saeed Ghani, Special Secretary to LG Niaz Soomro and the Secretary Local Government—Khalid Hyder Shah.

It was also decided in the meeting that the Nala—Nahr-e-Khayam between the main Clifton Road and the Boat Basin would be developed on an international level.

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A treatment system on the Nala would be formed at the Shaheed Benazir Park which would be processing the sewage water before expelling into the Nala onward. The water flowing from the Boat Basin to the sea would be neat and clean and free of any kind of bad smell or odour.

According to the scheme, boats would be sailing into the Nahr-e-Khayam within 1 kilometre from Boat Basin to Clifton Road for visitors and there would be a park, benches, coffee, walking track, other eateries and tea in closer proximity to the Nala.

The chief minister has given the task to Architect—Shahid Abdullah for getting assistance from the private sector for developing the area. In the next phase, other such portions of Nala would be formed in the city at other localities.

The beautification of Shahrah-e-Faisal was another plan that was discussed in the meeting from Jinnah Terminal to Metropole.

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