Sindh Govt. Imposes Ban on Wheat Transportation

wheat transportation

As per the reports of local media, the government of Sindh has placed a ban on wheat transportation to the other provinces.

As per an issued notification by the home department of Sindh, the continuous outflow of wheat stocks from the province of Sindh to the other provinces could increase the flour prices in the province.

The Sindh government will be taking strict action against the ones found involved in smuggling or hoarding of wheat to the other areas, as indicated by the notification.

All the district authorities and the deputy commissioners have been asked to ensure the ban on the transportation of wheat from Sindh.

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Previously on the 1st of May, the government of Sindh has taken the decision to seal its border with Balochistan, in order to halt the smuggling of wheat from the province.

The food department of Sindh had asked the Interior Ministry in writing for the border closure under the Food Act. The Sindh government took the decision after the Sindh cabinet gave approval.

As per the food department of Sindh, a mafia has been actively smuggling the wheat to the province, which could not be permitted. The government of Sindh has kept a target of 1.4 million tons of wheat for the current crop.

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