Sindh Govt. Imposed Ban on Arms Display at Public Places Until July 26 – Research Snipers

Sindh Govt. Imposed Ban on Arms Display at Public Places Until July 26

The Home Department of Sindh has placed a ban on carrying and displaying of all types and kinds of arms at the public places in the province before the general election 2018 which are scheduled to occur on the 25th of this month that is the 25th of July.

The ban has been imposed with an immediate effect until the 26th of July, a day after the upcoming elections, as per a notification released by the Sindh Home Department.

The display or the exhibition of the firearms is also banned in and around the polling stations, according to the notification.

The Home Department also announced that strict actions would be taken against the ones who would be found violating or breaking the imposed law in any way.

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Previously, while addressing a press conference, Major General Asif Ghafoor—the Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said that on the election day, that is July 25, troops would be stationed both inside and outside the polling stations.

Two security officials would be stationed inside and two outside the polling stations. The Director-General—ISPR said that there are twenty thousand eight hundred and thirty-one polling stations that are “sensitive” and there would be more security officials deployed on these stations, whereas the non-sensitive polling stations would have a lower deployment of the officials.

The ban has been imposed ten days prior to the General Elections 2018.

The placement of the ban is indeed a good decision by the Home Department as there is and would be the need of tight security for avoiding any kind of unpleasant situations at the polling stations and in the surrounding areas especially on the day of Election.

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