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Sindh Govt. Bans Open Littering in Karachi

open littering

The Sindh government has banned the open littering in Karachi.

The government has not only banned littering but has also empowered the police to make the needed arrests of the ones found violating the rule.

Five more people have been apprehended and three automobiles were seized for littering the Korangi area of Karachi on Thursday.

The arrested men were disposing of the trash in the Korangi Causeway area violating Section 144 of the CrPC implemented by the Sindh Home Department.

A case has also been filed against these individuals.

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The government of Sindh has placed a ban on the open littering in the metropolis via Section 144, giving complete authority to the police to make arrests of people found breaking the ban for a span of ninety days.

Previously, a person was arrested within the jurisdiction of the Sukhan police station for littering.

As per a notification issued by the home department, it has been identified in the different parts of Karachi during the ongoing cleanliness drive that the garbage is randomly and indiscriminately trashed on the streets which results in causing a public nuisance.

The Commissioner Karachi Division, hence, has suggested for the ban imposition under Section 144 CrPC on the acts listed as follows for discouraging the practice of littering for the betterment and welfare of the city.

  • Trashing outside main doors of the house
  • Spitting of pan in open and not using dustbin for the purpose
  • Openly littering on the streets
  • Throwing the remains of the damaged structures of under-construction building on the streets and roads
  • Throwing the trash out of the window of a vehicle on the road

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