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Sindh Govt. Announces Online Classes for the Students of Public Schools

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The Sindh Education and Literacy Department (SELD) has announced to conduct online classes for the students of the public schools. All the schools in the province are closed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The department in collaboration with Microsoft and UNICEF has formed an online digital classroom platform for the students of grades 6 to 12, as per a notification that was issued to this effect.

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It further reads that this is a contemporary distance education system that has been formed with the objective to facilitate the online teaching and learning process across the province.

So far, a group of 75 master trainers has been provided training to conduct the online large-scale training to the teachers for virtual classrooms for continuing to give education to the students amid the corona imposed lockdown.

Furthermore, the education department informed that a pilot exercise has also been done with 81 teachers, 1980 students of the 3 public schools for learning about the effectiveness of the Digital Classroom Platform.

The notification further read that this ELD is focusing on collecting the district-wise, school and class-wise data of the students and teachers for setting up digital classrooms and to create their email accounts on respective Microsoft Teams of both the teachers and the students, and to conduct the large scale training of the teachers via the trained MTs.

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