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Sindh Govt. Announced Public Holiday on 23rd March

The government of Sindh has issued a notification on Wednesday that on Friday that is the 23rd of March there shall be a public holiday in the entire province of Sindh for marking the Pakistan Resolution Day.

As per the statement release, all the offices, semi-autonomous bodies, corporations, autonomous bodies and local councils which comes under the governance of the provincial government of Sindh would be closed except for the urgent or needed services.

Which means that the people of Sindh would be having a long weekend this week. A break from the tiring professional and student life. Any holiday may it prolong the weekend or not is well loved by everyone.

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23rd March is declared a holiday every year in Pakistan because of its utmost significance in the making of Pakistan and its independence.

Pakistan Resolution Day was formerly known as the Lahore Resolution was declared by Maulana Fazlul Haq. He announced that the Muslim majority areas should be grouped together for forming an “Independent State” in which the constituent units would be independent and sovereign.

One most highlighted event on the 23rd of March is the Parade which is held at the Shakarpariyan’s parade ground in the federal capital. Some people watch the parade live while the whole Pakistan watch it on the television or internet.

Every year the cellular services are suspended on Pakistan’s Day. Owing to the security reasons, the government takes a precautionary step and suspends the mobile services throughout Pakistan.

This year though there were chances that the mobile network would not suspend as it was declared by the Islamabad High Court that suspending the services is illegal. However, yesterday the IHC has enabled the federal government to suspend the mobile phone services on 23rd March parade.

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