Sindh Government Transport Projects Same As Of Last Fiscal Year- Budget 2017-18

The Sindh government is carrying forward the transport projects of last year in to the next fiscal year.

These projects include KCR, Red Line’s Division, Blue Line BRT, Yellow Line BRT and Intelligent Transport.

  1. Karachi Circular Railway:

KCR is at last included in the Annual Development Programme 2017-2018 of Sindh Government.  The capital reserved for this project is Rs241 million, and the completion date stated of this project is June 2020. Funding from China would aid the construction of the mega project KCR.

  1. Blue Line BRT:

BRT is yet another unapproved project with the aim to link the city with a gated society off the Super Highway. Private real estate developer, Bahria Town wanted to work on this project, but three years of negotiations with Sindh government went in vain and Bahria Town left the project. The reason for the withdrawal appears to be the indifference of Sindh government.

Now in recent ADP, Blue Line would be constructed by Sindh government in two segments. The finance required for both these segments is expected to be Rs7.74 billion and Rs5.16 billion.

  1. Red Line’s Division:

The project of last year is carried forward this year as well. Red Line Bus Rapid Transit project is divided in to three parts as before. These three parts include thorough design, operations and capacity building and technical help from the Asian Development Bank. Also the bank would assist and support in the execution of this project. It was expected that this project would be completed by June 2017. It is an unapproved venture that now is expected to complete by June, 2020.

  1. Yellow Line BRT:

There is an agreement in place for Yellow Line BRT between Sindh government and China Urban Elected Company. This is an unapproved project under Sindh government’s ADP and is expected to complete by June, 2020.

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  1. Integrated Intelligence Transportation System:

Another unapproved project part of recent budget is Integrated Intelligence Transportation System. This system would include automatic charge collection procedure, command and control room and passenger information system at the BRT stations

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