Sindh Government to Provide 200,000 households with Solar Electricity

It is being planned by the Sindh government to provide 200,000 households with solar electricity. World Bank will finance this project called the Sindh Solar Energy Project (SSEP).

The Sindh Energy Department is pursuing services to conduct s detailed survey of the houses in Sindh. Tenders have been invited for consulting services procurement for the Baseline Household Energy Survey.

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The utility scale solar power will be developed at competitive price by Sindh Solar Energy Project. The goal is to support solar power deployment in the province. Not just solar power will be developed, identified solar parks will be established and disturbed solar power systems will be installed.

The target of Sindh Solar Energy project is to provide 200,000 households with solar home systems within five-year time. The districts with low electricity level access will be identified and partial grants will be given to the households.

Sindh Energy Department will conduct two household energy survey in the province aiming to support the implementation of this initiative that includes targeting districts, consumer awareness campaign design and right amount of grant to be provided to the households.

Furthermore, the survey will provide important information that can be used in other government programmes and help better international reporting.

For household survey Sindh Education department is looking for interested firms with an experience of more than 10 years in conducting detailed survey, the management capacity of the company, etc.

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