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Sindh Government Launching Digital Transformation Authority

The Sindh government is launching the Sindh Digital Transformation Authority to digitize all the government sectors in the province. A draft has been finalized by the Sindh Information Science and Technology Board that will then be reviewed by an advisory committee.

The advisory committee will be headed by the provincial minister of Science and Technology Muhammad Taimoor Talpur. If the committee passes the final draft, it will be  sent to the provincial cabinet for approval. Then once this procedure is completed, the Sindh Assembly would make it a Law.

The initial draft has been shared with the provincial cabinet as per Talpur. Suggestions have been given by the cabinet about areas in which improvement can be made.

In a statement about the final draft Talpur said, “The Sindh Cabinet has pointed out that the act should be comprehensive documents so that it could help enable the proposed authority to capture, manage, share and analyze the data, and rectify issues of a common person. It will also harness a socio-economic activity in the province.”

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Furthermore, the Provincial Minister also revealed that the province is in need of a broad strategy for the digital transformation of the province. The aim is to turn Sindh into a knowledge-based economy.

Talpur added, “We will learn a lot from the digitization process. The department will value these experiences and try to make the most out of it during the review process of the act.”

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