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Sindh Education Department Seeks Early Summer Holidays

The Sindh Education Department has taken a decision to take measures for providing some relief and ease to the school going children.

As per the officials at the education department, a summary has been sent to the Chief Minister House for seeking his approval on giving early summer vacations for schools throughout the province of Sindh as the scorching and blazing heat continues to hit upon the complete province.

The schedule for the summer holidays would be altered once the summary gets an approval, informed the officials.

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The summary has requested for the summer holidays to commence from the 14th of May until the 15th of July.

The previous year, the education department had announced an early summer vacation from the 26th of May to the 31st of July owing to the blistering heat and Ramzan.

These days the summers are in full swing and so is the load-shedding problem in the province of Sindh. People are frustrated because of the high temperatures and no electricity supply.

This year in April highest temperature the planet earth has ever witnessed in modern times was recorded in the city of Nawabshah which is of 50.2 Celsius. People expressed their shock and surprise at the soaring temperature.

This is the season of exams throughout the country with this much heat and no light children are finding it super difficult to focus and study. The initiative taken by the education department is well thought and justified owing to the hot temperatures and approaching Ramzan.

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