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Sindh Drafts SOPs to Reopen Markets

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The government of Sindh, after recommendations from the traders and businessmen, has drafted a set of SOPs to reopen 13 types of businesses in Karachi.

A meeting occurred at the commissioner’s office, during which the decision was taken that each business sector will be given the permit to work for a specific number of days per week.

Tailors, mechanics, cloth markets, auto parts shops and automobile sector will be open for 2 days. The furniture sellers will also be permitted to work for 2 days.

The electronic and mobile markets will remain open for 2 days too. Besides, these shops and businesses the grocery stores and the poultry shops are to remain open 5 days a week.

As per government, only milk shops, medical stores and bakeries will be permitted to operated for the entire week.

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The shops that deal in the construction materials have been kept in a separate category.

The ex-President of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry AQ Khalil has given the suggestion that the retail and whole sale markets of the city will be opened in 2 phases.

The proposition has been forwarded to the CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah. If the proposition gets an approval, these suggestions will then be sent to the federal government for a final look.

The markets in Karachi had been shut after the number of coronavirus cases surged in the country. Traders and businessmen have asked the government to permit them to restart their business operations so that they could earn their livelihoods.

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