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Sindh Declares Lockdown Amid Coronavirus Surging Cases

On Sunday, the Government of Sindh decided to enforce a lockdown in the province.

This decision is best for the public as it has been taken to control the spread of the coronavirus, says Murad Ali Shah Chief Minister Sindh.

According to him, there was no other option apart from locking down the province. The Sindh government has set up Coronavirus emergency fund so that the public could be facilitated easily, especially the poor people, Murad Ali Shah added.

The K-Electric and Sui gas official have been ordered not to disconnect connections throughout the lockdown said the chief minister. Also, the bills will be taken around Rs.5,000 and in 10 months’ instalments.

While there will be a lockdown, the food items and other useful commodities will still be supplied to the markets.

He also asked the general public to be cooperative with the government in such a crucial time.

As per the current updates, there are 645 coronavirus cases all over Pakistan out of which 4 died. 292 cases have been recorded from Sindh, then 104 from Balochistan, 31 in KPK, 10 in Islamabad and 56 from Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir.

Today, a request has been made by the Sindh government to the interior ministry in order to request to send in military aid as per article 245 of the constitution.

Already the government has taken safety precautions steps to avoid the spread by scheduling the summer vacations earlier. It has also ordered to close down all public places like gyms, shopping malls, and wedding halls. Also, all the government offices have been closed for 2 weeks.

Now the decision to impose a lockdown is another step which will keep in process till 24th march due to the increase in the cases of the virus. The policy of ‘work from home’ has been adopted. Entry to the tourist points like Murree has been suspended and all the shopping malls will be closed by 10 pm. Lockdown in KPK have also been announced from Sunday till 24th March.             

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