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Sindh Court Took Notice of Fee Hikes in Medical Colleges

Mian Saqib Nisar—the Chief Justice of Pakistan has taken a notice on the news relating the lack of uniformity in the admission criteria for private medical colleges and excessive fees charged by these medical colleges.

Many students willing to be doctors fail to get admission in government medical colleges and to fulfill the dream of their most desired profession they rush towards these private medical colleges for admissions and are apparently defrauded.

The Chief Justice after taking a notice of the issue has asked for a detailed report from the Registrar of the PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council).

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PMDC is the top regulator of the medical colleges in Pakistan.

It has been asked to submit a report covering the details about the fee structure and schedule of these private medical colleges, their admission policies and criteria, the maximum amount of fees they are allowed to charge, the role of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council in deciding the charged fees and in regulating the admissions in these private medical colleges and so far, if any action has been taken by the regulatory council so far.

Its high time that any action should be taken against these private medical colleges, as they make it nearly impossible for genuine less privileged students to acquire medicinal education if they get unlucky to acquire admission in the government medical colleges.

Government medical colleges offer limited seats and obviously every deserving student cannot get admission in there such students who really wish to become a doctor in future, their dream dies with the failure to secure themselves a seat in the public medical colleges as the private medical colleges are charging fees so high that many honest white collar middle-class people cannot afford to send their children to such institutes.

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