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Sin Tax to be Imposed on Cigarette Smokers

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The government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in a first has taken a unique initiative for discouraging smoking in the country. The initiative is for sure revolutionary. The government has decided to impose a special tax on smokers which would be referred to as the “sin tax”.

According to the media reports, the government has taken the decision of imposing the new tax on smokers in an attempt to discourage smoking in order to reduce the health-related risks and to produce money for health associated projects.

The reports indicate that with the imposition of sin tax the prices of the cigarettes would go further up in the country. The amount generated via the tax would be used on the projects of the PM’s Health Programme.

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As per sources, the Ministry of Health is pondering on various options for implementing the suggested tax. The Ministry is thinking to implement the tax in the range of Rs5 to Rs15 on every cigarette packet.

It is expected that this special category introduced tax would be generating billions of rupees yearly. The total cigarette consumption in the country is approximated to be more than 4 billion rupees.

Pakistan would be the second nation in the world which would be imposing the sin tax on cigarette smokers. The Philippines was the first ever nation ever to impose this tax.

It is observed that the number of cigarette packs placed on the store shelves by retailers has fallen immensely ever since the tax has been imposed.

The government of the Philippines introduced this tax in 2012 for increasing revenues and to discourage smoking.

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