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Simona Halep Wins the Grand Slam French Open 2018 for the First Time

Simona Halep being an extraordinary player in Women Singles could not make it become champion despite playing the finals 3 times in grand slam tournaments. Simona finally wins the grand slam French Open title this time after facing defeats in 2018 Australian Open final, 2014 French open final and 2017 French Open final.

At Roland Garros, Paris Simona Halep Romanian had played this memorable match against American Solane Stephens. Simon lost the first set with 3-6 and she apparently was losing it all, but she fought back and came with strong emotions, power, technique, and stamina the second set she won by 6-4 and after that, she shattered the morale of Solane Stephens the final set was an easy shot with 6-1.

Simona won 7 consecutive games in a row made Solane tumble on her feet so she couldn’t stand the pressure the grand slam final had on her.

Halep got the ranking boost the last year October, she made it to the top players for the first time and had been a leading player on WTA tour since then.

“I was very strong mentally to finish that,” she said. “It’s a special moment. I was dreaming of this moment since I started to play tennis. “Roland Garros is my favorite Grand Slam. I always said that if I’m going to win one, I want it to be here, she added.”