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Signal System Malfunction Causes Trains to A Standstill

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The latest signal system of Pakistan Railways has stopped functioning owing to a malfunction in the rainy weather leaving trains to a standstill, as per the reports of local media on Wednesday.

The railway tracks at many places came under the water after severe rainfall across the nation.

After heavy rainfall, a portion of 4 to 6 kilometers of the railway track from Hyderabad railway station, was flooded under the rainwater making the electronic system of the railway signals dysfunctional.

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The fault in the signal system has hit badly to the arrival and the departure schedule of many of the trains, as per railway sources.

Trains are completing the journey from Karachi to Hyderabad of 2 hours within 5 to 6 hours.

Pakistan Railways has annulled the departure of a number of trains to upcountry including Pak Business Express and Millat Express. The passengers of these trains have been adjusted in other trains, as per the railway officials.

Furthermore, the schedule of Tezgam, Allama Iqbal Express, Pakistan Express, and Karakoram Express has also been affected by the rainy weather.

The affected passengers are being reimbursed the full amount of their train ticket, as per the railway officials.

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