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SHOs Directed to Lose Weight and Reduce Waist

The overweight SHOs of the Capital Territory Police Islamabad have been instructed to lose weight and to reduce their waist up to thirty-eight inches within a month and to keep themselves fit as per the Police Guidelines.

In a notification released by the office of the Inspector General Police—Islamabad it was mentioned that it was of deep concern to notice that police officer especially ranked at the position of SHOs at various police stations of Islamabad are overweight and have a waist more than forty inches. They are not physically fit for the police department and they pay little to no attention towards their physical fitness which is essential for the orderly force like the police.

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The notice further mentioned that the SHOs who would fail to comply with the directed guideline of reducing weights and waist would be dealt with strictly and an action would be taken against them.

As per the notice, senior superintendents of police and station clerks should be replaced with personnel who are university graduates.

According to the police officials, these instructions were released as per the request of the Interior Minister in a meeting held previously. During the meeting, it was asked to post the educated officials at the front desk. Additionally, if need be then even the computer proficient women could also be stationed at the front desk.

Police high ups have highlighted and stressed on the need of physical fitness of police officers and the posting of well-educated and qualified individuals as station clerks at all the police stations across Islamabad

This is funny but a much-needed initiative by the Police department. The police force should be fit and healthy. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the individuals belonging to the police profession are found to be the most obese.

This is a good step which could and would definitely be bringing long-term advantages both for the individual and the police departments overall performance and efficiency.

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