Shortwave is now available on Android

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Google released a fantastic email application in 2014 that was adored, however the firm later discontinued it. Its name was Inbox, and it provided a distinctive email experience. You’ll be happy to know that Shortwave, its spiritual descendant, is now accessible as an Android app, according to Android Police, in case you missed it.

The email experience was handled radically differently by Google Inbox. The program would group your emails into several folders rather than displaying them in a chronological stream. You can do this to reduce clutter and organize your emails however you choose. But since it was a Google product, it obviously had an expiration date. About five years later, it ceased.

Android app for ‘Shortwave’ is now available

In the case of Shortwave, it is the well-known tale of the “Company Employee Leaves Company and Makes a Product That the Company Used to Make.” An ex-Google employee invented Shortwave, an email client that provides nearly the same features as Inbox. Before receiving a stable release, it spent a long time in beta testing. It was first available on iOS before coming to Android, as with most apps, but you can now download it through the Play Store.

A similar approach is used by Shortwave and Inbox. It automatically creates groups out of emails that come from the same source. You will be able to examine all the emails from Reddit in one location rather than having them scattered throughout your inbox, for instance, if you are an enthusiastic Redditor and enjoy receiving emails from the platform. They’ll all be kept together in a tidy package.

When you first start the app, you should be able to see any critical email discussions or packages. You can pin conversations and bundles to the top of the UI in Shortwave. As a result, you’ll be able to quickly access them. The bundles might also have names. 

Shortwave is free to use, but a $9/month subscription is required if you wish to retrieve emails from conversations that are older than 90 days. Additionally, you’ll receive quicker customer service with responses sent within one business day if you subscribe.