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Shops to Open from Ramazan 1st, Karachi Traders


The traders’ association in Karachi has made the announcement that they are to open their shops from Ramazan 1st hours after 4 traders were arrested by the police in the timber market of the city.

Jamil Paracha, the Sindh Traders’ Alliance head said that they will talk to the government now. He said this while he was addressing a press conference with the other traders. He also said that they had contacted the government of Sindh previously on the 15th of April and they asked for 2 days to make the SOPs.

Paracha said that he tried to make contact with the Information Minister of Sindh, Nasir Hussain Shah however got no response.

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The head of the Electronics market has asked the government to take the FIRs back that have been issued against the traders.

Pakistan has been under partial lockdown since the last week of March after a surge in the coronavirus cases in the country. All the business activities were suspened in the country.

The city administration has also issued a warning to the traders that they will apprehend the ones who would be found defying the lockdown without the permission of the government.

No one is permitted to resume the business activities without the permission of the government of Sindh.

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