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Shopping Malls, Restaurants to Close for a Week in Islamabad

On Sunday, the administration of the Islamabad Capital Territory has informed to take steps for containing the spread of the coronavirus in the federal capital, as per the reports of local media.

As per available details, the city administration has given orders for the closure of all the shopping malls and restaurants in the capital city for a week.

The notification reads that the grocery stores would be closing at 8 pm in the night instead of 10 pm in Islamabad.

PM Khan addressed the nation earlier today, in which he said that a lockdown of the country is not being considered as 25 per cent of the population of Pakistan lives below the poverty line and cannot survive if the country is closed for 14-days.

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While the details of the lockdown, curfew situation, the Prime Minister said that the situation needs armed forces and other security personnel patrolling the roadways and streets and the forceful isolation of the public which he does not want.

He further urged the people to self-isolate and self-quarantine themselves and to act responsibly.

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